There are a lot of reasons why you might dislike doing yoga in a studio:

  • It’s crowded – you may feel like you’re about to trip over the people around you!

  • You can’t make the class times.

  • You’re embarrassed to practice yoga in front of others.

  • You don’t have someone to watch your kids while you go to yoga.

Don’t worry – you can still enjoy yoga without going to a class thanks to the Mind Over Matter in-house yoga instructors. One of our yoga experts will come to your home or office and teach you one-on-one, allowing you to avoid the studio.

The benefits of yoga:

  • Learn to center yourself and maintain that center.

  • Perfect your poses and postures.

  • Learn new yoga poses.

  • Strengthen your core muscles.

  • Become more flexible.

  • Sculpt your body.

  • Improve your balance and posture.

  • Learn to let go and distress.

Types of Yoga

Our instructors teach three different types of yoga.

  • Hatha Yoga – This is the practice of postures, called asanas.

    • Hatha yoga is considered the Yoga of Vitality

    • The Ha in the name refers to the vital force that controls the body.

    • Tha, on the other hand, refers to mental force.

    • Hatha, then, means having control over your body’s vital forces. Hatha yoga is the practice of using postures to awaken and control your energy levels.

    • Hatha yoga is connected to the yin-yang symbol which represented opposing energies such as hot and cold, positive and negative.

    • In this case, those opposing energies are mind and body.

    • Hatha yoga focuses on balance, poise, strength, and a clear mind.

  • Vinyasa Yoga

    • Vinyasa yoga is a broad term that covers many different types of yoga.

    • The word means “breath-synchronized movement.”

    • You learn how to move from pose to pose while inhaling and exhaling.

    • Vinyasa yoga focuses on breathing and controlling every movement with a breath.

    • The movements flow together.

    • Yoga styles that are built on Vinyasa include Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

  • Ayurveda Yoga

    • This style is a holistic approach that takes into consideration your lifestyle and your whole being.

    • The idea is to strive for harmony within and without to improve your health.

    • Ayurveda yoga breaks the body down into the five elements of nature – air, fire, water, earth, and space.

    • Each part of the body is associated with an element.

    • These elements represent your body’s structure.

    • They combine to create the Doshas, or the forces that disturb.

    • You use yoga as a way to control and change these forces to improve your health, energy levels, and emotions.


We have a number of different yoga in NYC classes and boot camps you can also participate in. One of our most popular courses is the Bye Bye Belly class.

  • This class is aimed at new moms who want to lose any baby weight they gained and get their pre-pregnancy figure back.

  • It offers core work and abdominal exercises along with stretching and yoga.

  • You’ll flatten your stomach, improve the strength in your back and core, and work all of the muscles in your body.

  • Anyone can join this class, no matter what level of fitness.

  • Children are welcome – you can do any of these exercises with your little one!

  • These courses take place on the NW corner of River Terrace and Murray in Battery Park City.

  • Cost is $140 for four classes or $40 for each individual class

  • Be sure to bring your own yoga mat!