“Joshua is not only knowledgeable but he makes me you feel like you can accomplish all your fitness goals.  He loves his profession and it oozes out of his pores.  Not only does he motivate his clients but he makes you feel like you are working out with a friend.  He sincerely invests in your fitness success and working with him has enhanced my health and has been the best self investment ever!  Thanks JOSHUA!!”
-Tania Santiago



“I have been working with Joshua for the better part of 7 years and during that time I have achieved all of my goals. Joshua and his staff have been both understanding and accommodating to my needs. Each one of his trainers are unique in their own special way and the variety of disciplines they provide has kept me on track. Thank you Mind Over Matter.”
-Ken Fakler


“Joshua is a dedicated, enthusiastic and intelligent trainer who has helped me get to the next level in my fitness.  Whether it is training for the NYC marathon, to get in shape for ski season or to climb a 14,000+ foot peak, Joshua has understood my goals and helped craft programs that are challenging, fun and effective.  I look forward to training with Joshua each week.”
-Kirk O’Ferrel


“Joshua is helping me get back to my prepregnancy body and acheive one of my longtime goals of running the New York marathon. I feel stronger, more toned and more energetic as the weeks go by. I very much appreciate Joshua’s precise attention to technique and form, and feel more motivated to work out on my own.”
-Elana Millstein


“I recently had baby #3 and am back on the road to getting in shape/losing weight, again, sigh.   I recently moved down to Miami and workout with a trainer, and of course it makes me think that there is nobody here that compares with you!  I have such great memories of my workouts in Central Park.  I only wish I could jump rope like that now!   Or kick-butt on those park benches!   You’re such an excellent trainer and motivator, I hope your clients realize how lucky they are.”
-Nancy Davis


“During these last few weeks of my pregnancy people are always asking me how I’m feeling and I reply, “I feel really great, thank you.” “You’re not tired? No back pain, no swollen ankles?” they ask.  Not at all. “Wow, you’re so lucky,” they say. Maybe, but I think it’s largely due to the fact that I have worked out with Joshua Margolis at Mind Over Matter Fitness throughout my entire pregnancy. Josh helped me get in shape before I got pregnant and then we have continued to work together over the last nine months. It’s helped me maintain my energy and my body stay strong. Joshua has lots of experience working with pregnant women and he modified our work-out routines to safely accommodate all the changes my body has gone through. Pregnancy puts lots of new demands on your body.  Sure, you need to take things a little easier but it’s not a time to stop working out.  You’ll just feel worse.  Trust me.”
–Sharon Ludke


“I can’t say enough about how much Mind Over Matter helped me to acheive my weight loss goal.  In March, I set out to lose 30 pounds!  We set goals and started the process.   I decided to reward myself with what I called “The 20 Pound Cheeseburger”.Once I hit my 20 pound goal, I had a cheeseburger and fries and it was wonderful and so worth all of the effort that I put into it!  I then set the next cheeseburger goal at 30 pounds . . . I had that only a few weeks ago and it was just as even better.  I am in the best shape of my life and I never would have made it without this team’s help.  I shared my goal with Josh and he helped me get there…one week and one pound at a time!  Now that the weight is off, I have to find a way to keep up the rewards . . . maybe every 3 months that I maintain my new weight I’ll have another cheeseburger!”
-Amy O’Bannon


“I have known Joshua Margolis since he started Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness, and he single-handedly got me in the best shape of my life for my wedding with regular, targeted workouts focusing on my problem areas. His warm, friendly personality meshes well with his enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge about the best way to get healthy and fit. Joshua is also a forward thinker who is eager to share what he’s learned with others. To that end he hosts a weekly radio show, where he focuses on health issues as well as issues important to women and mothers.”
– Estelle Sobel Erasmus