Our senior fitness program is designed around the Chinese healing art of Chi Gong, better known as tai chi. It’s used to bring energy and health to your body by enhancing circulation and your immune system while calming your nerves.

Our program works through a number of different stages designed to help seniors gain back some of the energy and flexibility they may have lost over the years. No experience is needed, and it’s open to those of all fitness levels!

  • Stage 1: All about your back

    • This 45-minute program will teach you about your back and how you can safely lift light items and move around without injuring yourself.

    • The back is one of the parts of the body that is routinely injured. Learning how to carefully use these muscles is vital for seniors.

    • First, you’ll learn the anatomy of the back and how the muscles there work together.

    • Learn how to pick up your grandkids without hurting yourself.

    • Learn proper posture and how to sit, including how to sit in the car so as to not irritate your back.

    • Learn to pick up light to medium-weight items.

    • You’ll also look at how you can perform your chores in a safe manner.

    • This includes yard work in addition to cleaning around the house.

  • Stage 2: Stretching

    • Learn how to safely stretch to increase your flexibility and strength.

    • Adapt to your body’s decreased strength and support.

    • Avoid injuring yourself while performing basic household tasks.

  • Stage 3: Using the gym

    • Look at what gym equipment you should use as a senior.

    • Learn the property technique for using this equipment.

    • This stage focuses on exercises that will improve your endurance and strength.

    • Works well with yoga and is often taught by a certified yoga instructor.

  • Yoga

    • Work one-on-one or in a group.

    • The instructor will explain each exercise and its benefits.

    • Improve your flexibility, lower body, and core strength.

  • Eating healthy on a budget

    • This nutrition lecture focuses on foods related to heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

    • Learn the risk factors of these different diseases and how to prevent them.

    • Discuss meal ideas.

    • Focus on simple exercises that supplement a good diet.

  • Life Coaching

    • Gain inner peace by balancing your mind, body, and soul.

    • Gain a sense of wholeness.

    • Participates will be assessed using the Wholeness Model Approach to Living.

    • Examine your seven areas of living and learn how to balance them.

  • Pilates

    • Let our experienced Pilates instructors teach you have to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles.

    • Become more flexible.

    • Improve your posture.

    • Learn to balance your mind and body.

  • Stretch Out Stress

    • Our SOS program teaches you how to be more flexible.

    • De-stress while you stretch and exercise.

  • At-Home Workouts

    • Do you sit a lot when you’re at home?

    • If so, you may be doing more damage to your health than you realize.

    • It’s time to get up and move! These exercises will help you remain active.

    • Improve your core muscles, balance, and posture.

  • Afro-Fusion Dance

    • Afro-Fusion dancing is great for any age level!

    • Move to the beats and dance some of the basic steps from African dances, the Salsa, and the Merengue.

    • These dances blend high and low impact steps to help improve your blood flow.

    • They’re incredibly fun, too!

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