Do you want to transform your body? Then you need to try Pilates! This unique type of exercise can change how you look, feel, and move.

Why Pilates?

  • It helps you strengthen your core muscles.

  • You’ll gain internal and external balance.

  • You’ll be able to transfer what you learn into other parts of your life.


Here at Mind Over Matter, our expert Pilates instructors will work with you to learn the proper stretches and exercises to gain the strength and body you’ve always wanted.

What will you get by joining our Pilates program and working with a Mind Over Matter certified Pilates instructor?

  • You’ll develop a sturdy core that includes a strong back and flat abdominal muscles.

  • You’ll become lean and flexible without gaining mass.

  • Your body will become toned and conditioned.

  • You’ll be less likely to be injured while playing sports and engaging in other non-exercise-related activities.


Who Benefits from Pilates?

  • Everyone! Pilates focuses on building up the core muscles. These are the muscles that support and stabilize the spine.

  • Core strength helps you with your balance, movement, and posture.

  • Your body will be more flexible and pliable if your core muscles are strong and regularly exercises.

  • Anyone can do Pilates! Children, adults, athletics, and the elderly can all do these exercises.

  • Those who have bulging discs, body pain, and other spinal conditions can use Pilates as a continuation of their physical therapy to strengthen their bodies.


What does Pilates in NYC include?

  • Mat exercises – All of our instructors are trained in the core Pilates mat exercises. These exercises were the beginning of Pilates, and they’re very effective at working your core muscles.

  • While Pilates was designed for being done mainly on a mat, some beginners don’t have the strength needed to perform some of those exercises. There are a number of other tools that can help those new to Pilates with many exercises to build up their strength and flexibility.


The History of Pilates

  • Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates.

  • His goal was to create a workout that engaged both mind and body.

  • He first began working on the exercises that became Pilates during World War I. He wanted to provide a way for patients to exercise while in bed.

  • Pilates designed a new hospital bed that features pulleys and springs. Those who were injured during the war could use these pulleys and springs to work their muscles without getting out of bed.

  • Later, after returning to the U.S. following the war, he continued working on his new form of exercise.

  • Dancers George Balanchine and Martha Graham became two of the earliest fans of Pilates. They loved the exercises because they allow the two to strengthen their muscles and develop the long, lean muscles that they needed to dance. However, unlike other exercises, Pilates didn’t cause them to bulk up.

  • After 43 years of development, Pilates wrote a book that described his exercise techniques.

  • In this book, he outlined how the mind and body work together and how his exercises could help wake up the muscles.

  • He outlined the various machines that could be used, including the reformer.