Mind Over Matter offers personal private one-on- one training. Our fitness professionals are trained in a variety of specialties to help you achieve your unique goal. Mind Over Matter will pair with you a trainer that deeply understands your goals and has the ability to help you achieve them, all while keeping you feeling safe, comfortable and happy. The key to personal training is a good relationships between an instructor and a client; Mind Over Matter makes this simple by ensuring you only have the best options.

Motivation may be hard to find if you don’t have someone there to work with you, help you set your goals, and give you a schedule to work within. Personal training gives you the structure and support you need in order to reach, and then surpass, your fitness goals. Whether it’s running a marathon or just feeling a little better after you get up the stairs, Mind Over Matter has a fitness professional ready to help you achieve. You also can check out our instructors and their specialties or more specific classes that may be catered more to your needs.

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Mind Over Matter brings fitness to busy NYC lifestyles. We specialize in Personal Training,

Prenatal Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

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