Our Team


Barbara K; Yoga

Practicing yoga has transformed Barbara’s life, allowing her to pass on the benefits to her various clients. “I love that with every breath in yoga, we get to begin again,” she says. “No matter where we are or where we want to be, doing yoga shows us a way to be present and in the moment.”

Barbara has ten years of yoga practice behind her and is certified in the Barkan Method. She also enjoys Anusara and Vinyasa.


Alan; Personal Trainer

With over 24 years of experience as a Certified Fitness Trainer in New York City, including 11 years with Mind Over Matter, Alan’s specialties include: weight loss, pre and postnatal exercise (preconception thru all trimesters and postpartum fitness), pre-habilitation, injury rehabilitation, increasing strength/endurance; flexibility, body alignment and posture as well fitness assessments; testing.

Alan works with all adult age groups including older adults and the physically challenged. Whatever your present state of fitness may be, Alan’s training sessions will provide you with a positive, professional and personally supportive program enabling you to achieve your physical fitness goals accompanied by the philosophy of positive progressive training.

He has seven years of experience working with visually impaired people and two years of American Sign Language studies. Alan stands tall with his professional commitment to continuous education for both the trainer and the client, enabling successful improvement in health and fitness lifestyles through ongoing positive changes.

Christine; Personal Trainer

Christine Emi Sawyer has been dancing professionally since she was in high school. She received her ballet training at the prestigious School of American Ballet and at the School at Steps.  To be a strong and well rounded dancer, it is important to cross train in various forms of exercise and conditioning, therefore Christine has a long history in health and fitness.

She has a strong background in many forms of fitness including HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Dance Cardio, Strength Building, Conditioning, and Stretching. When Classpass Live was launched, Christine was cast as an original Background Talent Athlete where she was exposed to even more types of classes and fitness studios/gyms in the NYC area.


IIona; Dance Instructor

Ilona is a dancer, choreographer, and educator based in NYC since 2010. Her teaching connects the internal practices of Qi Gong and Tai Chi with the external applications of martial arts and expressive action. After studying dance in its myriad forms for her whole life, the wisdom of the Chinese martial traditions, such as the law of the five elements, has invited her to cultivate transformative and balancing energy within herself as well as in others. She is currently training to be certified in Coremotion with Daria Fain, as well as to receive a Black Belt under Sifu Paul Koh. She holds two gold medals for Tai Chi push hands from the US Open Martial Arts Championship (NYC) with the William C.C. Chen team, as well as a BA and Ms. Ed. From Sarah Lawrence College. She deeply believes that teaching is an art, and the dynamic relationship between teaching and learning are at the heart of her creative process.