Mind Over Matter is an In-Home Fitness Service catering to the busy New York lifestyle. We provide high quality instructors & trainers that can turn any space into your own private health club, complete with a masseuse. We offer a number of different disciplines, exercise packages and boot camps that will help you achieve the ideal body you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re getting in shape for your wedding, want to lose a few pounds, or have a goal weight in mind, our experts can help.

All of our trainers are certified within in the areas in which they teach including many that are also PreNatal and PostPartum certified. We employ health and fitness professionals who have experience leading classes and working one-on-one. Our experts are friendly, reliable, and ready to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We’re ready to help transform any environment you want into your training space and provide you with the best workout possible.


Are you serious about getting back into shape? Our boot camps are offered in neighborhoods all across New York City from Tribeca to the Upper West Side and are perfect thing to jumpstart your new fitness regime. Our boot camps focus on a number of different subjects. Some are open boot camps for general fitness, while others focus on areas such as prenatal or postpartum exercises.

Our In-House Training brings a  number of advantages to your workouts:


You can work out in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed because there’s no one else to watch you learn new exercises or workout.

You’re comfortable. Some people don’t like working out at the gym or other locations because they don’t have their comforts around them. They want to be able to drink their preferred brand of bottled water, use their own shower, etc. When you work out at home, you get all of that.

You can decide if you want to have the TV on, or if you want to listen to music while you work out. You’re in control of your surroundings, so you can listen to whatever you want to!

You can work out whenever you want. Our in-home trainers have very flexible schedules, and you can often meet with them whenever it’s most convenient for you. They can come over early in the morning, in the evening, or on the weekends. You decide when you want to work out!


If you’re ready to start working out at home or want to know more about our boot camps,

don’t hesitate to contact us today.