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Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness offers a variety of services to help clients all over New York City with unique fitness goals and abilities. Our Personal Training can be in-home, in-hotel, or in a private gym by your house. Our trainers are certified in what they teach and always interested in helping you achieve your goals, while also making sure your goals are realistic. Our trainers are personable, professional, and there to help you feel comfortable as you work out.

Beyond just personal training, Mind Over Matter offers more niche and focused fitness services for the New York City area. This can mean pre & post-natal training or a dance class for the office, Mind Over Matter strives to make fitness more accessible in all aspects of a busy New York City lifestyle.

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Mind Over Matter brings fitness to busy NYC lifestyles. We specialize in Personal Training,

Prenatal Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

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