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Lower Your Healthcare costs and Improve the lives of your EmployeesAre your Employees struggling with energy, low morale and poor health?


Since 2006, Fortune 500 companies, Unions, 5-Star hotels, Celebrities and schools in the Northeast have trusted our elite team of multidisciplinary professionals with developing and managing their fitness goals. The convenience of our best-in-class instructors who travel to our clients has allowed us to become recognized as “The Workout That Comes To You.”


Our socially distanced in person and Zoom workouts include everything from boot camps, kid’s classes, prenatal and postpartum work, to 1 on 1 sessions in many different disciplines. Since we are a fitness company and are all about the well being of our clients, we want to align ourselves with companies that also have the well being of their employees as a priority. We produce an experience that always keeps the customer first.


The Quarantine 15 or Covid 19, whatever the label, your employees are trying to (unsuccessfully) run away from it.  Poll your employees and they will tell you how out of shape they are, how their bodies have started to ache hunched over home desks and dining room tables that weren’t made for one to park themselves there 9 to 5.  Tailors are rejoicing over the money made from having to let out clothing!


A sample of  classes our skilled team can provide:


Total Body Conditioning

MindoverMatterMovement (Mix of dance and Barre moves)

Senior Fitness

Ass & Abs

Pilates Mat


Cardio Dance

Boxing/Martial Arts

Battle of the Trainers (2 trainers alternate teaching and compete with participants voting for which trainer gave the best workout moves.)



Cooking demos and Nutrition lectures

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