Do you….

Feel like you’re stuck behind your desk?

Tired of sitting all day?

Feel like you don’t get to exercise as much as you’d like?

Want to take time out of each day to relax?

Want to get fit but don’t seem to have the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn more about Mind Over Matter’s corporate fitness program!

  • A professional trainer will come to your office.

  • We’ll teach your employees and co-workers basic yoga to help them stay fit and relax.

  • We work with companies from the Upper West Side to Tribeca and many places in between.

  • We offer a number of different workout routines, including our prenatal and postpartum classes, mommy and me yoga, and open boot camps.

Why bring a Mind Over Matter program to your office?

  • Train in the privacy of your office.

  • Get all the benefits of a private gym without spending the time it takes to go to a gym or dealing with over-crowding.

  • Your team will train together and do a number of different team-building exercises to help improve your teamwork.

  • Your office’s morale will improve as your wellness and cooperative improve!

  • There’s no monthly gym membership to pay for!

Start your Exercise Journey with Us!

  • We offer the following exercise disciplines:

    • Personal Training

    • Prenatal Fitness

    • Yoga

    • Pilates

    • In-Home Massage

  • All of our trainers know every one of these disciplines, so you can vary your workouts every day!

  • We offer workouts via SKYPE, too! Those outside of the NYC area can enjoy our amazing workouts now.

  • Want to get out of the office to exercise? Try one of our boot camps. We regularly offer these outdoor boot camps throughout NYC. Some are general boot camps, while others focus on exercising with your stroller and little one or getting back to your pre-pregnancy figure.

  • Always be willing to try something new! While it might sound like a cliché, remember that exercising really is about the journey and not the destination. Make your journey a memorable, successful one by trying new forms of exercise.

  • Fitness is a lifelong journey, not a destination. It should always be a part of your life, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Spice up your exercise routine and you might just see some shocking results!


Get Up and Get Moving!

Doctors have shown that sitting all day is actually very dangerous and leads to a number of different health issues. Yet what do most of us do at work all day? Sit for eight hours or more! Here are some of the dangers that can lead to, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Increased obesity

  • High blood pressure

  • High blood sugar

  • Weight gain around the waist

  • High cholesterol levels

  • Increased risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease

Stop sitting so much and start exercising! Employees who exercise during the work day see a number of benefits. Plus, as an employer, you see benefits, too!

  • Your employees are more productive

  • They have more energy during the afternoon

  • They take fewer sick days!

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Mind Over Matter brings fitness to busy NYC lifestyles. We specialize in Personal Training,

Prenatal Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

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