Are you preparing for your special day, but struggling to feel your  best in your dress? You may need a Mind Over Matter yoga transformation! Our classes will help to increase your confidence while also giving you the tools to help you drop a few pounds for your wedding day.

  • Almost 80 percent of women try to lose weight before their wedding.

  • A number of women end up feeling uncomfortable or unattractive in their wedding dress because they didn’t meet their fitness goals.

  • Many women set unrealistic goals for themselves and end up feeling worse when they don’t achieve these goals.

  • You should feel comfortable on your wedding day!

That won’t happen to you! Our expert trainers are ready to help you tone your body and lose weight, all while working out in the privacy of your home or office. It’s not just for you, either – our wedding workout can also help your groom look a little bit better in that tux.

What our training program offers:

  • Everything is taught by a trained yoga instructor.

  • Learn at your house or any other location of your choosing.

  • Our wedding packages are designed to help you set and reach realistic goals before your wedding.

  • Improve your posture so your walk down the aisle looks amazing.

  • We will help you target specific areas of your body that your dress shows off, so you can walk down the aisle feeling confident, healthy, and sexy.

  • Yoga will also help you be full of energy for your big day!

  • Learn how to de-stress using a few simple yoga poses. This can help you on the morning of your wedding.


We have several different bridal packages, each of which focuses on a different part of your body. Select the one that best works with the cut and style of your wedding dress to get the best results.

The Booty

  • Focuses on glutes, inner thighs, outer thighs, and hamstrings.

  • This workout will help accentuate your curves and your booty!

  • Everything focuses on your lower body.

  • The routine includes squats, lunges, step-ups, and more.

  • Get great legs, a firm backside, and slimmer hips.

  • Designed for those wearing a fitted hourglass dress or a mini-dress.

The Mrs. Material Girl

  • Focuses on biceps, triceps, and shoulders

  • You’ll get Madonna’s buff arms with these exercises.

  • This is the perfect workout for those wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress.

  • Learn how to tighten up your biceps and triceps to look amazing!

The Here You Come

  • Focuses mainly on the back, chest, and abdominals

  • Concentrates on the core so you can have incredibly toned abs.

  • With stronger core muscles, you’ll have the perfect posture.

  • Also works the back, so it’s great for anyone wearing a backless dress.

  • If you are concerned about your tummy, the core workout in this package will take care of it. Gain those abs you’ve always wanted!

  • Great for those who are wearing strapless or form fitting dresses, too.

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